Monday, October 3, 2011

Crunchy To-Do's

Crunchy To-Do's
Are you a list maker? I am. I have notebooks full of lists! Recently I felt the need to make a list of my Crunchy To-Do’s. I feel like I have a few stacked up waiting for me to finally give them a try. I thought I’d share a few with you today and I’m going to include the links to the ones that I will be eventually using to accomplish these tasks.

Crunchy To-Dos

Call Naturopaths and see if they will “fit” my style.

Buy new car seats. (Ok so it’s not really a crunchy issues so much as a safety issue.)

Try making coconut yogurt (again, not sure about the gelatin in the recipe that's linked but that'll be my general recipe) and try making coconut kefir (like above I need grains first)

Re-felt dryer balls (with roving this time)

2 words – diaper sprayer (make my own or buy one)

Buy pumpkins and make pumpkin puree

Buy my daughter a Klean Kanteen of her own so she can give sippy cups a try.

Make butter/cultured butter – now that I buy non-homogenized milk, I have cream to make butter with.

What about you? Do you have any Crunchy To-Do’s??


  1. Good list! I need to make more dryer balls too...last year half of mine fell apart. Next time I'm only using roving and not covering with wool yarn. It just didn't work for me. I'd like to get elderberries to make a tincture that's supposed to be good for cold and flu season.
    I made pumpkin pie last year from pie pumpkins and BOY were they hard to get into! I could NOT get into them without a hammer and chisel -literally! And I honestly didn't notice a huge difference, so I'm sticking to the canned stuff...or I'll use butternut squash. :)
    I just started my journey with No Poo, so I need to figure out how to balance the ACV properly so I don't smell :)

  2. I also have buy/make a diaper sprayer & make pumpkin puree. I just took buying a new car seat off my list yesterday!

  3. Amanda - yes pumpkins are quite hard to cut! I made some puree last year and I swore I'd never do it again. However, I don't like buying canned food so there's really no alternatives.

    Rebecca - Yay for a new car seat! I have to buy 2. Usually I go with whatever's cheapest but I wanted to get one that my boys could be in a 5 point harness till they were we are going with the slightly more then I'd like Radians. The good thing is that I'll be able to use the car seat till they are done at 80lbs and it'll still have life left for my daughter till she's 80lbs (well, maybe... she's a light weight so it might take forever till we hit 80.)

  4. Hi Brittany, I just found your blog and really like it. Your ideas and style are very much in line with how I feel as well. Just wanted to say hi!

    And as far as pumpkin puree goes, I did this last year and the white pumpkins, I think they are called sugar pumpkins, work great and it was not that difficult to open.

  5. I need to order ingredients for homemade deodorant, lotion and eczema cream. Also, probably need to get some more coconut oil and need to decide what brand and one that is affordable. I need to head over to super supplements and see what they have so I don't have to order something online. Was hoping to get the arrowroot powder for the deodorant and the avocado oil I need for the eczema cream from but they are out of both. No clue when they will be in stock and I really want to get stuff made. I know I can find the avocado oil locally but I may have to use cornstarch in place of the arrowroot to start.

  6. Hi I also just found your blog! I would love to see a post about making elderberry syrup. I just read about elderberries the other day and it is on my list of things to read more about! Thanks!

  7. Lisa - Yes I'm waiting for mountainroseherbs to get arrowroot in stock as well. I asked them and they said it should be back in stock in 2-4 weeks. If it's not in stock by the 15th (my grocery payday) then I'll just have to buy it at the store. (my local natural store sells in it the bulk section.)

    Anne - Hopefully I've have an elderberry post up soon! I've got to get the berries first and then I'll be posting!

  8. Yep, looks like I will be hunting around town for arrowroot and the Avocado oil. They just emailed this morning saying 4-6 weeks on the oil. I know I've seen some in town.
    As for the arrowroot they stated that they have no date because they are having trouble finding an organic source.

  9. Is your toilet close enough to your shower? You can always use the detachable shower head as a diaper sprayer. That's what we do and it works out great for us.

  10. Amanda - Our toilet might be closet enough but it would be just barely and I think it would result in a mess. I'm making do with the dunk and swish...someday I might get that sprayer. :)


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