Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crunchy Acronym Quiz

Crunchy Acronym Quiz

In this day and age, we use acronyms…a lot! This is no different in the crunchy world. How many crunchy acronyms do you think you can guess right? Do you think you know them all? Today, I thought we’d do more of a fun post and test everyone’s crunchy acronym knowledge. Thanks to Crunchy Betty who first did a variation of this quiz.

Crunchy Acronyms

1) What does ACV stand for?

a) All Common Vaccines
b) Apple Cider Vinegar
c) Activated Charcoal Varieties

2) When you hear the term no “poo, what do you think of?

a) Baking soda and vinegar
b) Bran muffins
c) Potty training

3) You tell your spouse that you need more BS, what are you referring to?

a) Birthing Stool
b) Baking Soda
c) Birkenstocks

4) OCM, what does it mean?

a) Oil Cleansing Method
b) Only Crunchy Moms
c) Obstetricians Crunchy Manual

5) You are finally going to bite the bullet and buy some EVCO, what is it?

a) Entire Village Crunchy Organization
b) Enhanced Vegetable Canola Oil
c) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

6) You have a cabinet full of EO’s, what do you have a supply of?

a) Essential Oils
b) Earth Observations
c) Environmental Okra

7) You’re thrilled about your stash of CD’s. What are you so excited about?

a) Compact Discs, they will never be outdated.
b) Cloth Diapers
c) Crunchy Doula

8) You tell your friend that your son will be ERF, what will he be doing?

a) Eating Raw Food
b) Exclusively Recycled Fashion
c) Extended Rear Facing

9) You practice BW, what are you doing?

a) Babywise
b) Baby Wearing
c) Butter Washing

10) NFP, what does it mean?

a) Natural Family Planning
b) Natural Farm Produce
c) Natural Filter Process

Answers: 1) b, 2) a 3) b 4) a 5) c 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) b 10) a

Crunchy Score:

9-10 Correct – Ultra-Crunchy
6-8 Correct – Nice and Nutty
3-5 Correct – Granola Goodness
0-2 Correct – Smooth and Silky


  1. I'm ultra-crunchy (already knew that though, haha). I love some of the other options you came up with for the wrong answers. Yeah, OBs totally have a crunchy manual, for their clients who wear exclusively recycled fashion haha :)

    1. Molly, You should have listened to me and my husband try to come up with the wrong answers. We were cracking up. :)

  2. I missed 2. Though I only do some of them.

  3. I correctly guessed number 4, but I knew all the others. I guess I am ultra crunchy.


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