Monday, June 3, 2013

Homemade Face Powder

Homemade Face Powder

A few years back, I realized that the makeup I used was full of toxic ingredients. Perhaps not at the level of toxicity that would kill me instantly, but the ingredients were harmful enough that I didn't want to risk anything even if I wouldn't notice for another twenty years. I have long since switched to natural makeup. When I go looking for a new natural product, I like to make sure it's as close to perfectly natural as possible. I mean isn't that the point of making the switch in the first place; to avoid harmful ingredients?

I found a nice brand of natural makeup and I still use it for most of my makeup needs. However, when I ran out of the natural face powder I decided I needed to look into making my own as that stuff was expensive! I couldn't afford to spend $30 just on one thing of face powder and even if I could, I would rather save that money to use elsewhere.

This led me to making my own face powder. I love making my own makeup. It's so easy to make and costs me next to nothing. I know that the ingredients are all natural and not harmful because I'm the one making the product!

Homemade Face Powder

Arrowroot powder
Cocoa powder
Cinnamon - optional
Nutmeg - optional


Place a few tablespoons of arrowroot powder into a bowl. Slowly add cocoa powder to the arrowroot. Just a bit at a time until you get to the shade you would normally use for a face powder. Additionally you can add in a bit of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. These two ingredients can boost the glow and depth of the face powder. Mix all ingredients well; you do not want any clumps. Transfer to a clean jar or old compact container.

To use: Lightly apply to a makeup brush and apply as you would normally. Go lightly however, as this is a loose powder and you do not need much.

Note: Cinnamon can be a common face irritant so if you wish to use it, I recommend doing a test patch first. Nutmeg should not be an irritant and is even used in many acne/blemish recipes so it's a beneficial ingredient to use.

This post is part of the Natural Beauty series. For more information and other great natural beauty recipes check out the series.


  1. What exact quantities did you use of each? I'm a pretty fair skinned gal, so any info you can give would be much appreciated!

    1. Unfortunately I really don't have any exact amounts (and even if I did, it's likely to not help anyone as everyone has a different skin tone)

      What I usually do is start with 1-3 tbs of arrowroot and then add in the cocoa powder at 1/8 tsp at a time. Mix in between each 1/8 tsp till it looks about right. The cinnamon and nutmeg, I add at the end and just a sprinkle of each. A sprinkle doesn't change the color much so it's easy to add more if needed without ruining a whole batch of powder.

      Hope that helps!


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