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Natural Living Blog Carnival, Green Moms Network

We’re excited that you’re interested in participating in the Natural Living Blog Carnival, sponsored by the Green Moms Network and co-hosted by Chrystal of Happy Mothering and Brittany of The Pistachio Project.
Please bookmark this page, as it contains all of the information you need about the monthly carnival topics, posting details and more.

What is a Blog Carnival?

While blog carnivals have been around for quite some time, we know the concept is new to many of you, so we wanted to share a little bit of background with you. Blog carnivals are a fun way to connect with bloggers who share a common interest by writing about the same topic one time each month.
In addition to writing your post, we encourage our participants to hop around to as many of the other participating blogs and leave a thoughtful comment on their post (at the very least, the 2 blogs above and below you on the linky). It’s a great way to discover new blogs you may want to continue following and foster a greater sense of community between green moms.

Why Natural Living?

As green moms, our interests are broad, but they share an overarching goal – to make the world a better, safer place for our families. There are many ways we can accomplish this together, so are leaving this blog carnival open to exploring many topics related to eco-friendly and natural living.

How Does the Blog Carnival Work?

We want to keep this blog carnival simple and fun! Each month, you’ll be asked to write a new, previously unpublished post on the specified topic (listed below) and publish it on the specified day. In each month’s call for submissions, we’ll include the information for adding your blog to the linky, and adding the linky to your post.
In general, you will be required to add your blog name and post title. We will go through the linky the day of the carnival and review all of the posts. Anyone found to be writing off topic or not including the linky and intro copy will be given 24 hours to rectify the issue or be removed from the linky. We also expect that you write with proper grammar and spelling, and that your content is family-friendly and supportive of that month’s topic.
Each month, we will post a call for submissions to give you time to prepare your post and provide the link to us ahead of time.

Celebrate Your Participation!

If you are participating in this month’s carnival, or have previously participated in a Natural Living Blog Carnival, and you would like a banner to put in your sidebar, grab this button code to show your readers (and potential sponsors) that you’re passionate about natural living!
Natural Living Blog Carnival
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Upcoming Monthly Carnival Themes 

It’s the time of year to reflect back on all of the successes you’ve had in the previous year, and set some goals for yourself in the coming year. What changes did you make in 2012 towards living a more natural and eco-conscious lifestyle? What changes do you plan to make in 2013? Sharing your goals publicly is a great way to hold yourself accountable!
February 2014: Naturally Beautiful
Chemicals in skincare and personal care products are rampant. To protect our families, it’s ever-more important to educate ourselves about ingredients and make wise choices. How do you choose beauty products? Do you have trusted brands or do you make your own? Share with us your best tips and recommendations for keeping your beauty routine safe and natural.

Past Monthly Carnivals
Bookmark this page and stay tuned for future topics. And be sure to subscribe to our blogs via email and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on any carnival announcements. 

Please email Chrystal or Brittany if you have any questions or suggestions about the Natural Living Blog Carnival.

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